An odd day in the Valley of the Sun

It’s one of those odd days. Where it’s still cool and you can leave the front door open, yet it’s not too sunny or hot. It’s an East Coast springtime day. The type of day where you laze around the house, letting the breeze blow through. Have a glass of wine, sit on the porch and put on some great music. It’s a day where job worries, money worries, and my most current worry: guys, flutter away on the breeze. 

Unfortunately, I can’t lounge my day away, as I have to go to work tonight and make desserts for those not at home enjoying their porches, this fine weather and bottles of their favorite wine. But a girl does need to eat!

My latest obsession and the perfect noontime nosh for a day like today: salami sandwiches. This isn’t your regular salami sandwich. I picked up some Bianco d’oro Salami at the grocery store for a party that I threw this weekend, where I put out many different toppings and had people make their own bruschetta. There was quite a bit leftover and thus I have created my lovely springtime sandwich. 


It’s simple in it’s construction but oh so tasty and flavorful in your mouth. Italian bread, some good olive oil, a little salt, fresh mozzarella, basil, Bianco d’oro Salami. Assemble and eat. I put mine on the china my mom gave me. It just felt like a good way to eat this sandwich. 

Put your worries away today…It’s a good day. :o)

Song of the Day: Listen to the Music by: The Doobie Brothers

The World of Croissant

It has been negligent of me to not introduce you to the
players in this world of mine sooner, so I apologize for the social misstep. As
you know, I am Croissant. I love coffee, fine French pastry, music, sitting in
the bookstore all day, going dancing with the girls, dinners with fabulous
conversation, and a glass of good wine or beer after a long day at work. Now,
my glam squad, who you will often encounter here: 

Cutie McFrangipane is my bestest. She understands my every
thought and listens to me discussing every crazy item that speeds through my
mind. We are co-foodies; music nuts, cheese addicts and readying ourselves to
do our first try of absinthe. I would do anything for her and I know that those
feelings are mutual, which is why she is my bestest.

Mme Gateau au Chocolat is an amazingly feisty woman. A cake
diva, she is brains, beauty and no bullshit. Her ambition and determination
inspire me. A fellow work-a-holic, I admire the class and style she bring to
everything she tackles.

E. Clair Napoleon is my partner in crime. Find a crazy
situation, and we are probably the cause of it. She is the first person I would
call if I were in a bar brawl. The encouragement that she gives me everyday to
keep going and even to start this blog, makes me feel like my dream of
conquering the world, isn’t impossible. She’s a pistol if you make her mad, but
is one of the sweetest and most giving people I know. Her purse addiction is
worse than mine.

Pinky l’Oreo is one of the toughest broads I’ve ever met. She
is also one of the most adorable, with a pink-ed up kitchen and wardrobe. We
have pulled each other through some tough times and toasted with champagne at
the end. We’re both competitive and hate to lose.

Chef Krispie Kreme is dedicated to her job as a pastry chef. She’s smart, funny, a loyal friend, and an excellent dancer who knows every rap song known to man. 

Mlle Vino is a soon-to-be sommelier and my fondue friend. She loves food, wine and adventure as much as I do, which is obviously why we are such great friends. We are currently prepping for some salsa lessons and general tomfoolery.  

Other people will be introduced to you, but these are the
main players, the loves of my life, the people I want at my dinner table, at the end of the day. 


More tasty tidbits tomorrow, friends. ;o)

Much Love, Croi

Song of the Day: The Falling (Mexican Institute of Sound Remix) by: Sparo

Welcome to Croissant in the City

Ask me where it all began. There are so many defining moments in my journey where my love for food and travel could have budded. All I know is I’m here now, writing to you about my life in food and all the amazing and beautiful travels I get to experience. 

I am your lovely guide to food, travel, love and adventures, and I am a chef living in Phoenix, Arizona. 

It’s a whole new year, and I’m planning on a lot of crazy adventures. But, since I have to work tonight serving the wonderfully well-dressed, intoxicated people of Phoenix (instead of getting to be beautifully inebriated among them), I decided to spend the morning reading the food sections of the paper with some coffee and tunes at Starbucks. (Not my favorite coffee shop, but since there are very few good local coffee shops close to my house, I’m unfortunately stuck with Starbucks. Complete with small screaming children at the table next to me, which no iPod can out blast!)

Enjoy and be safe tonight! More tomorrow in our new year, friends. 
Much love, Croi
Song of the Day: Sentimental Heart by: She & Him

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