Ask me where it all began. There are so many defining moments in my journey where my love for food and travel could have budded. All I know is I’m here now, writing to you about my life in food and all the amazing and beautiful travels I get to experience. 

I am your lovely guide to food, travel, love and adventures, and I am a chef living in Phoenix, Arizona. 

It’s a whole new year, and I’m planning on a lot of crazy adventures. But, since I have to work tonight serving the wonderfully well-dressed, intoxicated people of Phoenix (instead of getting to be beautifully inebriated among them), I decided to spend the morning reading the food sections of the paper with some coffee and tunes at Starbucks. (Not my favorite coffee shop, but since there are very few good local coffee shops close to my house, I’m unfortunately stuck with Starbucks. Complete with small screaming children at the table next to me, which no iPod can out blast!)

Enjoy and be safe tonight! More tomorrow in our new year, friends. 
Much love, Croi
Song of the Day: Sentimental Heart by: She & Him

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