It’s one of those odd days. Where it’s still cool and you can leave the front door open, yet it’s not too sunny or hot. It’s an East Coast springtime day. The type of day where you laze around the house, letting the breeze blow through. Have a glass of wine, sit on the porch and put on some great music. It’s a day where job worries, money worries, and my most current worry: guys, flutter away on the breeze. 

Unfortunately, I can’t lounge my day away, as I have to go to work tonight and make desserts for those not at home enjoying their porches, this fine weather and bottles of their favorite wine. But a girl does need to eat!

My latest obsession and the perfect noontime nosh for a day like today: salami sandwiches. This isn’t your regular salami sandwich. I picked up some Bianco d’oro Salami at the grocery store for a party that I threw this weekend, where I put out many different toppings and had people make their own bruschetta. There was quite a bit leftover and thus I have created my lovely springtime sandwich. 


It’s simple in it’s construction but oh so tasty and flavorful in your mouth. Italian bread, some good olive oil, a little salt, fresh mozzarella, basil, Bianco d’oro Salami. Assemble and eat. I put mine on the china my mom gave me. It just felt like a good way to eat this sandwich. 

Put your worries away today…It’s a good day. :o)

Song of the Day: Listen to the Music by: The Doobie Brothers

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